How to Enable Snapchat Dark Mode in Iphone+Android

Snapchat Dark Mode

In this blog we discuss about Snapchat dark mode and its benefits and how to enable Snapcaht dark mode in Android and iPhone. Snapchat introduced dark mode for eye protection and battery performance. Dark mode found in almost every application. Dark mode used to improve the ability of the screen. This feature detects day and night modes and convert to snapchat dark mode in the night. Using this feature our eyes sees smoothly without any pain. Dark mode doesn’t make us sleepy. It keeps our eyes our hands and our ability to see. Dark mode coloring scheme are so soft and eye beneficial colors.

How to enable Dark Mode on Android or iOS

Enable Dark Mode in Snapchat is very easy Follow these steps. Download Snapchat MOD APK For more features. Now anyone can use Snapchat on web.

  • Click To Snapchat setting
  • Click to ‘My Account’
  • Click on App Appearance
  • Select the ‘Automatic Detection’ OR Enable Dark Mode

How to disable Dark Mode

If you want to disable snapchat dark mode option follow these steps

  • Click to My Account
  • App Appearance
  • Disable Dark Mode

snapchat dark mode options

Snapchat allows two different methods for dark mode. You can do this process with automatic option. Open app appearance and click on automatic snapchat automatically detect which light will be needed for snapchat use.

snapchat dark mode Benefits

Two major benefits of snapchat dark mode that’s are below here. If we use Snapchat for an hour before using dark mode, we can use Snapchat for maximum hours.

Improve Battery Life

When we open Snapchat’s Dark Mode, It doesn’t heart the eyes and improves our ability to write and see. Snapchat dark mode improves battery health due to light compressed. Dark mode also works as a battery saver. When ever we are using Snapchat, We should turn on the dark mode.

Eye Protection

For the protection of eyes, we have to show the eyes in a color that doesn’t hear the eyes. The protection of eyes is very important because it is a beautiful and world viewing ability from Allah.


Dark mode on Snapchat is a feature that changes the app’s interface colors to darker shades, making it easier on the eyes, especially in low-light environments.

Yes, if your device supports system-wide dark mode settings, you may be able to use dark mode on Snapchat regardless of whether you’re using an iOS or Android device. However, the availability and functionality may vary depending on your device’s operating system version and Snapchat’s updates.

some users have reported that dark mode can be enabled on Snapchat through system-wide dark mode settings on their devices. For example, on iOS, you can enable dark mode in the device’s settings, and Snapchat may adapt to it.


We should also take advantage of Snapchat when we use it. Snapchat has a lot of content that we can benefit from them like dark mode or settings, Snapchat snaps and many more. Try to use all settings and explore different content.

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