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This app launched in September 2011. Snapchat is the most searched app in the world of apps. Snapchat developed by Snap Inc. Using this app person to person share snaps, stories, pictures and videos. Snapchat apk file for those peoples that’s are not have play store account. We provide snapchat apk file for installing this app. Snapchat mostly used for communication. It allows user can take picture, videos and stories for sharing with family and friends for connection.

Download Snapchat Apk File For Android:
Size142.3 MB
Rating5 Star
Latest UpdatesRegular

Installing Snapchat APK on Android Devices:

Open Chrome browser click on this link Find which version you want to download like apk, mod apk and ios etc. Below criteria are same for How snapchat apk install in Android device.

  • Open Browser Search
  • Click to this link
  • Click To Download Snapchat apk file Button
  • After Download open and click on install Now
  • After installation create an account and enjoy.

Snapchat Features in Android device:

There are the features that give Snapchat a good rating. The user makes his work easier by using them. Following features in Snapchat Android device.

  • Snap creation
  • Messages
  • Streaks & Group chats
  • Filters
  • Lenses
  • Stickers and Bitmojis
  • Stories
  • Memories
  • Camera Roll integration
snapchat features

Snapchat Snap Creation:

Snap is a unique and very useful feature in Snapchat. Snap creation is a message that’s we send to our friend to one time access at her message bot. A snap is a real picture that we can send at any time and in any way like as Picture, emoji, picture with written sub titles. Snap is an action that we have to send once or more than in 24 hours so that we don’t break up with our friend according to snap’s algorithm.

Snapchat Messages:

Snapchat was created so that we could connect with different peoples and we could communicate with them. Using Snapchat, we can send messages to our friends and relatives. we can also send pictures, videos and snaps using messages bot. This makes it easy to us reach our friends and we can talk.

Snapchat Streaks & Groups:

As we mentioned earlier, Snapchat has a lot of tools features including Streaks and Groups as part of Snapchat. With Snapchat, we can send streaks to our friends which we can change at any moment. Streak can also see one time when it gets access. There has been a lot of consideration on its privacy. If any one takes a screenshot, then the notification is sent immediately by the snapchat. This makes the user satisfied with the security of snapchat.

Snapchat Filters:

Snapchat keeps on allotting new and useful snapchat filters for users every day. By using snapchat Filters we can make our pictures, videos very beautiful. We can make our picture beautiful in different ways b using Snapchat filters. Following some most useful filters in snapchat

  • Dog Filter
  • Flower Crown Filter
  • Face Swap Filter
  • Rainbow Vomit Filter
  • Old Age Filter
  • Baby Filter
  • Gender Swap Filter
  • Anime Filter
  • Time Machine Filter
  • Fire Filter
snapchat features

Snapchat Lenses:

Snapchat lenses are dynamic, interactive overlays that users can apply to their selfies or surroundings using the Snapchat camera.. As we mentioned above, just like there are snapchat filters, we use snapchat lenses to enhance our picture. With its help we can create funny pictures and video clips. With its help any picture has to be presented in different forms. There are some Snapchat Lenses below here.

  • Rainbow vomit
  • Dancing hot dog
  • Puppy face
  • Flower crown
  • Face swap
  • Time machine
  • Gender swap
  • Anime eyes
  • Halloween makeup
  • Superhero

Stickers and emojis:

Snapchat user can use snapchat different stickers, emojis and GIF’s. With this messages. Add a new style to your message by adding snapchat stickers, emojis to our message.

Snapchat Stories:

Stories are something that you must install once in 24 hours at your story box. Snapchat almost always enjoy using snapchat stories as well.

Snapchat Memories:

Snapchat memories is a notification process that automatically installs a notification on you next year from the date you took a picture. Snapchat memories is a very useful feature that helps us a lot of things.

Snapchat Camera Roll integration:

Snapchat’s camera is one of the few cameras in the world that is capable of capturing beautiful pictures and videos. When we using snapchat, its button is given in the very middle of it.


In this blog we discusses completely about snapchat apk for android version and its features with Download option.

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