How to Recover Snapchat Ban Account [iphone + Android]

Sometimes user doing some illegal or non-professional behavior then snapchat algorithm banned her account. If your account gets banned then you don’t need to worry there is an easy solution which we will discuss below.

How to recover Snapchat Account after Bans:

Snapchat banned account recovery process is so easy. Snapchat allows requesting option anyone after banned account. Try to appeal snapchat it’s the way to recover your snapchat banned account. Sometimes it happens that your account gets banned because you have too much cache in your device. Most peoples used VPN for un-banned account, I recommend used Premium versions VPN’s.

  • Snapchat Banned First time for temporary
  • Wait for temporary ban timer.
  • Appeal to unlock your account.
  • Use Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Use Dynamic IP Address
  • Connect Your device with hotspot or wifi connection
  • Reset your device OR Open device setting find apps option click on snapchat app and remove all cache and data.

Types of Snapchat Banned Accounts:

There are many reasons why snapchat has been banned. When user opens different accounts in one device Snapchat can be banned this rumor. There is four types of snapchat banned accounts probably.

  • Temporary Bans
  • Permanent Bans
  • IP Address Bans
  • Device IMEI Bans

Temporary Bans:

In this restriction, Snapchat block you for sometime

Permanent Bans:

When your account banned permanently in snapchat then you can appeal to snapchat for unblocking your account.

IP Address Bans:

When user changed IP addresses every minutes snapchat algorithm works and banned device IP address. After that user can appeal and Reset App data and try again.

Device IMEI Bans:

In this case snapchat worsts you to change your device.


In this blog we find the solution of ‘How to Recover Snapchat Ban Account’ . In this we discuss how many types of snapchat banned and how to recover.

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