How to delete my ai on snapchat iPhone+Android

Snapchat updates her algorithms policies regularly. Recently Snapchat introduced my ai tool. Using this tool user can talk to him and getting ideas share problems etc. My ai tool developed by snapchat official team. Thus the world convert into ai then snapchat need to add this type of tools.

In 2023, Best ai chat bot was the snapchat my ai. Using this tool we realize the technology goes to un-imagine life. snapchat my ai have latest database. we can question with him in any topic like history, technology, health, education and Finance. After this technology some people want to delete this chat bot in her snapchat account.

What is My Ai in Snapchat? How is it safe or not?

Snapchat my ai launched in 2023. Basically my ai tool is like chatgpt we can talk to him, discuss our problems, we can share thoughts. This is our digital secretary which helps us to make better something. Snapchat my ai 100% safe tool. Using this tool we feels we are talking with best friend which are giving better response and satisfied results.

Can i delete my ai on snapchat?

There is some reasons which you not to capable to delete or remove this feature. If you want to delete you will try to install Snapchat mod apk version.

How to Delete my ai tool in Snapchat?

Following steps for delete my ai in snapchat:

  • Open Snapchat application
  • Tap on your profile picture [Left of the corner]
  • Click on setting option
  • In this option click the link [Remove my ai]
  • Tap to ‘Remove’ and Confirm


In this blog we discussed about How to delete my ai on snapchat and its steps.

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