How to create snapchat filter

How to create snapchat filter? create your own filter

Snapchat offers you to make her own filters. Snapchat one of the most usable application, In which peoples are connected digitally. Using snapchat you can create filters for business and targeting audience. In this blog we will discuss about snpchat filters and how user can create snapchat filters. Using this method user can create snapchat filter, its a beginner to advance strategy in simple ways. Snapchtapk provides details about snapchat and other snapchat versions.

Create Snapchat Filter step-by-step method?

Introduction of snapchat filters

Before we dive in more discussion about snapchat filters we need to know basic of snapchat filters. snapchat filters used for fun making different content and plan for business marketing strategy. Using snapchat filters in your snaps, captured pictures and videos the result of camera and picture overview awesome. Snapchat filters allows to add animations, emojis etc.

Snapchat Filter plan

Before creating snapchat filter you need a plan which purpose of filters you want to create. What’s the colors strategy and style and which type of emojis or elements add in filter. Its a basic requirement for snapchat filter creation.

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Snapchat filter designing

For Snapchat filter designing we need some software for designing like adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator and adobe premier pro. You need to know about these software and how it works. you can get help from YouTube tutorials for software settings it will helps you.

Snapchat filter dimension

Snapchat filter dimension is 1080 pixels wide and 2340 pixels tall. User can check dimension using canva app and adobe photoshop.

Snapchat filter designing using elements

Elements makes better look and performance of pictures and videos. Design snapchat filter with the help of elements, try to use bold words and eye capturing ideas in your filter. Always ty to do for making better result from other. Use different elements, emojis and different type of designs for make better.
snapchat filter creation

Avoid more and more elements or emojis using in one filter. Just make it is easy to use and slim. When you create your filter now the next step is below here.

Uploading snapchat filter

After final creation snapchat filter now to upload on snapchat. First of you need an account on ( for snapchat filter uploading. Login from your account and click to main navigation bar button “Create Snapchat Filters”.

Snapchat Filter detail:

After clicking on ”Snapchat Filter” button then, Fill the following procedure name, location, type and details about filters. make sure all the cache has been cleared from mobile and your account. Then try to do this.

Snapchat Filter uploading Procedure

After complete all the requirements for snapchat uploading filter then you get a upload button. Make sure to after preview and check all the settings and details then click to upload button. Snapchat review your filter, If your filter meet the criteria and policy snapchat will be accepted.

Earn Money From Snapchat Filter

From snapchat we can earn money from different ways like as creation filters. Make filters and promote different ways to engage more clients and customers. Use social media campaigns for snapchat filter selling and engagements.


Using these methods create snapchat filters if you are beginner doesn’t meter. It will help you step by step all the criteria how to make snapchat filter and complete uploading procedure. In this blog we are trying to cover all the functions of snapchat filters Any query put a comment we will answered.

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